We are Coast K9 Fertility Courses

We have been in the dog breeding business for over 30 years and there’s not much we haven’t seen or experienced. After running our own successful canine fertility clinic we have a wealth of knowledge and want to share that expertise with others who want to start their own breeding/ fertility journey. Whether you are looking for assistance with mating, pregnancy confirmation or microchipping your small furies (it doesn’t just have to be dogs), have a look at our range of courses or give us a call. We would love to hear from anyone interested in learning these new skills and if we can help, then all the better.  We have most courses to suit your needs and even some bespoke ones not listed. Moving forward we have private Facebook groups where you can ask any amount of questions about any subject, if we’re not about to answer, then someone there will help you. the support never ends. Get in touch for an informal chat


Will I receive a full qualification and accreditation?

All of our courses are CPD accredited (microchipping is also DEFRA compliant). You can find us and our courses detailed on the CPD website. On completion of one of our courses you will receive a certificate and we can also offer hard copies at an additional cost of £15.00

What if I need to cancel?

All of our courses require payment upon booking. However, courses can be rearranged with 48 hours notice prior to the originally booked course for online courses and a week for Face to Face Courses.

Where does the course take place?

We provide in person courses in Southampton and various locations throughout the UK. Also all of our courses can also be remotely taught via video chat.

Do I need any previous experience or knowledge?

You won’t need any previous experience. Whether you’re an experienced breeder or a complete beginner we aim to deliver our courses in a relaxed and easy to understand way.

How do I book?

You can check availability and book any of our courses via Setmore. Browse our courses here and find out more about what each course offers.

Do you offer support after the course?

Yes. We aim for you to finish your course with the knowledge and confidence to take your new skills out into the world. As with any learning you learn more with experience and as you build yours we will be available as support if you need a reminder or if you encounter something unexpected. We also have a private Facebook group for support moving forward. We also offer free refreshers for a year following your course!!

Do you sell course related equipment?

yes we have a range of equipment and supplies for sale at a competitive prices

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Donna H

June 2021

Lorna is a knowledgeable, approachable & supportive lady who answered each & every question we asked with enthusiasm. Her winning nature & patience makes her a perfect Tutor. Would highly recommend.

Maura L

May 2021

Just spent the day on the fertility course. Very interesting and enjoyable, Lorna is very down to earth and makes a sometimes difficult subject easy to understand. I think Lorna knows pretty much everything there is to know when it comes to canine fertility! She’s very knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge.

Jade B

April 2021

Had a great course with Lorna at the weekend, learnt so much! But in a way that allowed me to understand every step, and it was great to get some hands on experience and practice with a trainer at hand! Highly recommended if you are considering taking the course

Shane B

May 2021

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in this. I have done many courses over the years and was shocked how much I have genuinely learnt today with Lorna. Everything is explained in detail and not rushed in anyway. Lorna makes you feel at ease from the start, so anyone that is worried or anxious this is the perfect place to go. Thank you so much I will recommend you 5* from me.

Nicola K

December 2021

Down to earth, spoke my language with regards to certain words and phrases, which made me laugh. No using of posh jargon and big words. Very friendly and approachable. I didn’t feel uncomfortable to ask any questions

Katrina B

June 2021

The aftercare provided after the course had been completed. It’s not always easy to remember everything you learn on a course when it’s done in a day it can be overwhelming for a lot of people, so the fact you can contact the tutor and other people who have trained for tips and advice to further your knowledge on the things learnt on the course is really worth the most.

I already have recommended the course to a few people who have asked me where to learn. My main reason for recommending is because you actually learn on this course and things your unsure on soon become clear within the after care group.

Stuart A

November 2021

Good amout of knowledge and reassuring that your not just left to it, I like the fact i can ask for advice down the line.

I was very sceptical about doing the course remotely, but was reassured a few times thats its just as good, I did alot of research in to courses and this was recommended on quite a few occasions, the course is clear and the Lorna is easy to speak to. Messages are replied to fast so im confident that ongoing support will be just as good.

Hayley E

December 2021

Down to earth, settled my nerves and explained everything clearly

Genni T

November 2020

The theory and practicals were done on such a level that they were easy to understand whilst being very informative

Claire B

May 2021

Came away with the knowledge to be able to go into business. Also aswell as all the course material to look over she also provides ongoing support if you need help with anything

Faye H

January 2021

Lorna is a great teacher and supports you no matter what you can ask any question any time of day or night and lorna is always happy to help

Lorraine H

March 2021

Fantastic course and very informative and made easy to understand tops all the ongoing support

Jayne S

November 2021

Lorna is the most helpful tutor and always replies to questions in emails and goes above and beyond the call of duty!! I would totally recommend Coast K9 Fertility Courses as Lorna is always there to help

Kelly S

November 2021

Highly recommended, explained everything, a lot of information, very friendly

Shell D

November 2021

Really enjoyed the fertility course.  Lorna is great at explaining topics in a way that makes it easy to grasp, some of the stuff I’d looked at before but hadn’t fully understood and this course just made everything much clearer.  Would recommend for total beginners or for people with a little experience, who just need things explained in detail but in an easy to grasp way. Took all the concern and worry out of it

Frances M

November 2021

Did my Coast K9 Fertility Course remotely with Lorna last Saturday I really enjoyed it, felt like she was in the room with me.  I would highly recommend the course, thanks again Lorna

Chloe U

October 2021

Honestly if you’re thinking/planning to do any course I can’t recommend Lorna enough!

I’ve only don’t the cytology but she is always there for any questions.

Her support and knowledge is invaluable!


June 2021

This is a well structured course. Lorna is a great trainer with a vast wealth of knowledge and offers great ongoing support

Mandy M

February 2021

Training with Lorna is fantastic, she takes so much time and care to talk you through everything so you understand the whole process, I would totally recommend her courses.  Aftercare is priceless