Canine Cytology Course

Looking for canine cytology courses provided by industry professionals with over 30 years of industry experience? Coast K9 Fertility Courses offers some of the very best canine cytology courses available in the industry, and are available remotely via Skype. All of our canine cytology courses are fully accredited by CPD, DEFRA and the secretary of state, and are an excellent way to safely identify foetuses and their due dates, as well as how to take successful swabs, pinpoint ovulation, recognising a split or false season, recognise the start of infections, and more.

Our Canine Cytology courses start from just £175, and are completely comprehensive. We ensure to include all necessary resources and equipment you need, including our cytology course booklet sent via post, as well as advice on acquiring a cytology microscope at a reduced price. Plus, for your ultimate peace of mind, we also offer 0% finance options for all of our courses and any course affiliated equipment you may wish to purchase.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals are here to offer their ongoing support before, during and after your course. We even have a dedicated Facebook page, where you can discuss any number of questions and queries, and interact with like-minded people who share the same passion for canine fertility and care.