We offer a range of products that will support your qualifications. Whether you are starting to put your knowledge into practise or an experienced practitioner in canine fertility we can assist with supplying the essentials you need. If you are interested in any of our products get in contact via our contact page and we can discuss your requirements and assist with any queries.
As with all of our courses, our products can be purchased with 0% finance through Cherry Godfrey, just ask us to learn more.


Small Consumables

AI Tubes

Available in a variety of packs:

  • 30cm (Pack of 10) £9.99
  • 30cm  (Pack of 20) £13.99
  • 40cm (Pack of 10) £9.99
  • 40cm (Pack of 20) £13.99

Wheatgerm Oil

  • 250ml Bottle £9.99

Semen collection bags

  • 13cm x 30cm (Pack of 100) £17.00

6" Swabs

  • Pack of 100 £4.00

Cytology Dye

  • 25ml Bottle £5.00

Cover Glass

  • Pack of 100 £5.00


  • 3ml (pack of 10) £2.75

Microscope slides

  • Pack of 50 £8.00


  • 10ml or 5ml (pack of 20) £6.00

Insemination kit £8

Kit includes:
  • Two AI rods
  • Four collection bags
  • Two pairs of gloves size M
  • Lube sachet
  • Two syringes

Test Tube Holder

Test Tube Holder
  • Holds varying size test tubes and pipettes £5

Microchip Readers

Microchip Reader
  • Nice compact rechargeable microchip reader £40


Large LCD Microscope £370.00

7 inch LCD Digital Microscope with four magnification lenses.

This digital microscope comes with an adjustable HEATED PLATE and LED ENVIRONMENTAL LIGHT SOURCE for excellent clear imaging.

It also has a WF10X EYEPIECE for easy viewing and focusing. The large 7-inch HIGH-DEFINITION screen and the 1600x HIGH-QUALITY imaging is perfect for semen observation.

For an even bigger audience, use the TV output to display on a television or computer.

Other features include:

  • Magnification lenses 4x/10x/20x/40x
  • Pure steel material/chrome-plated surface/three-hole exterior
  • Spotlight LED with an upper and lower light source
  • Adjustable brightness and focusing mechanism
  • Adjustable temperature for the heated plateFinally, all of this comes with a HIGH-GRADE portable metal case, which makes your microscope easy to store and transport.

Semen Analyser £2100.00

Computer and Microscope as shown

Morphological analysis with a total of 26 parameters:

  • Analysis of the number of targets
  • Morphologically normal sperm count
  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Bulk sperm count
  • Small head sperm count
  • Hammer-shaped sperm count
  • Pear-shaped sperm count
  • Amorphous sperm count
  • Vacuolar head sperm count
  • Double sperm count
  • Neck and middle defective sperm count
  • The number of sperm tail defects
  • Other abnormal sperm count
  • Sperm cells, white blood cell count, round cells
  • Analysis of sperm count
  • Header length (um), the head width (um), the length / width ratio (%), the head area
    (um2), head circumference (um), acrosomal ratio (%)
  • Average of normal sperm, abnormal sperm averages
  • The report can be printed

Click the image below to view full size

7k HD Ultrasound Scanner £2300.00

With rechargeable battery

Metal carry Case

Micro-Convex Probe (Convex probe can be brought or swapped if required for extra)

State of the art 7K HD scanner

Basic Parameters

  • Measurements & Due date calculated
  • Probe Depth: 16 levels
  • Probe Frequency: 5 levels
  • Main gain: 0-100%
  • 8TGC: adjustable
  • Edge enhancement: 0-3
  • Linear correlation: 0-5
  • Gamma correlation: 0-7
  • Frame correlation: 0-3
  • Dynamic range: 0-135
  • Focus: 4
  • Pseudo colour: 0-7
  • Scanning area (angle): 3 levels
  • Cine loop: 512 frames
  • Body mark: 97 kinds
  • U Disk support
  • USB port to save pictures

Starter Kit £80.00

Starter kit box with contents as listed below. Perfect for getting started an/ or for mobile work.

  • 10 x 30cm Rods
  • 5 x 40cm Rods
  • 3 x Sachets of lube
  • 5 x Pipettes
  • 5 x 5ml Two Part Syringes
  • 100 Swabs
  • 25ml Dye
  • 50 Slides
  • 10 Semen bags
  • Pen and keyring
  • Gloves 4 pairs
  • 2 x centrifuge tubes

Mini Centrifuge £110

Our centrifuge features:

Rotor capacity:
0.2mL×16(double row)

UK Plug

The centrifuge has the characteristics of novel appearance, small size, light weight, simple operation, stable operation and convenient use. The motor adopts ball bearings, brushes and commutators imported from Germany. The service life is more than 500 hours.

The instrument is mainly suitable for 2mL, 1.5mL, 0.5mL, 0.2mL centrifuge tubes and 0.2mL 8-tube centrifuge tubes.

Other Products

Coast K9 Fertility ID Card £15.00

Increase your professional image by ordering one of our ID Cards.

Each ID Card will detail the qualifications you hold, the accreditations of those qualifications, along with your image. Provided in a logo wallet.

Hard Copy Certificate

Certificate Posted £15

A Laminated certificate with Hologram logo

posted within the UK

Sperm Keychain

Sperm KeyChain £3.50

Sperm Keychain

Glow in the Dark

Trolly Token Key Chain

Trolley Token Key Chain £3.50

Trolley Token Keychain

Logo printed