Wireless Ultrasound Scanner


Wireless scanner with colour doppler



Vet Digital Handheld Probe-microconvex probe

Wow this is absolutely amazing for a handheld probe. The quality is brilliant.  Not grainy. Easy to use.  Software compatible with android and iOS

  • Measure foetuses and get a due date
  • Record video
  • Save pictures
  • Portable
  • Micro convex probe
  • Colour doppler
  • Frequency range upto 7.5MHZ
  • Wireless charging pad

Here at Coast K9 we absolutely endorse this probe, so much so we’ve stopped using anything else!

The main parameters
Frequency range: 2-11MHZ
Scanning range: 2-320mm
Display mode: B. (only color Doppler ultrasound version C, PW)
Frequency: linear array 7.5MHZ, convex array 3.5MHz, slightly convex 6.5MHz
Capacity area: linear <2mm, convex <3mm, slightly convex <3mm
Perimeter area error: <10%
Software platform: Android
Video playback: 400 frames
Picture storage: mobile phone album
Continuous working time: ≥8h
Scope of application Pet hospitals, cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, various households,
experimental animals, wild animals, and some aquatic animals: suitable for the examination of
clinical abdomen, chest cavity, heart, small organs, eyeballs, reproductive system, etc. of various
animals ;Liver, gallbladder, kidney, bladder, uterus and other tissues and organs of small and
medium-sized animals and diagnosis of lesions: pregnancy test and back waist thickness
measurement of large animals such as cattle, sheep, horses and pigs.